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viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2016

* New Vip CU exclusive pack *

Hellooooo everybody!

Yesterday I released a new Vip pack for Vip members ONLY!

You can find the group here but before you request access, let me tell you somethings about this group:
It is a payant one where with a few monthly fee you get all my CU packs in sale in store (except the store exclusives) and al least (actualy I'm giving 1 per week) 2 Vip exclusives.
There are 5 exclusive packs to welcome the new members too!! (and 3 more to choose between that I sell)
and monthly raffle only for members and surprises you will discover when I will post in the group 

If you're interested or wanna more info, pm me to
or contact me in my Fanpage
or email me to

Thanks so much!

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