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viernes, 14 de abril de 2017

Showing the Vips work

Hello everybody!!
This is the first post I do showing the Vip members's works :)
I must to do it some months ago but... I have lot of ideas and only two hands ...
This is the first but not the last!! I will start today my virtual section "Showing the Vips work"
So you can see some scrapkits/Cu packs that my Vip members make using some of my items :)
And you can visit their blogs and take a look to their awesome works, follow them and (it wil be really great) visit their stores too <3 font="">

Join the Vip CU Membership this week and have this awesome pack (exclusive!! I do not sell it in any store) Contact me to or PM me to my Facebook In April I have almost a 50% discount!!! Take advantage TODAY!! You can not miss it!!!

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