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miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017


💰BMS CU items ONLY💰 (CU items released until Dec 2016)

🛒 Store where You can find my Products
✔ *** Diry Art Designs StoreYa
✔ *** Scraps & Co
25% OFF // Thursday Madness USD 1,00 & up
✔ *** DigiGraphicDesigns 
25% OFF all my products 
✔ *** Render Art World 
25% OFF / 50% OFF on Sundays
✔ *** CUS store 
Ramdom discounts to ramdom products all the month
✔ *** PFD

🆓 *** FREE With Your Purchase ***
With a purchase in any of my stores you get an exclusive CU mini kit (you can see the previews below). Send me an email to with your payment receipt & you will receive the kit back :)

👑VIP CU Membership 
Info in the description of the group
PM for more info.
When you join you get 5 Welcome Vip packs(not in sale in stores) + the Vip pack of the week + 3 CU packs at choice from my stores!!
NEW ---> Album of freebies (forever free)
And each month: all the CU (not exclusives) I will release in stores since your first day of subscription!!! + SURPRISES <3 span="">!

🔖 BUY my PU StoreYa
100 PU scrapkits!!!! 

🔖 Build Your Own CU Bundle 

📌 CU4CU Lifetime License

🆕 Here is the link to download my TOU before make any purchase

Access to my Fangroup for NEWs, ISO; freebies & new released in stores (It's NOT an AD group. ONLY for my products):

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