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sábado, 17 de junio de 2017

* Fathers Day Special Bundle *

The promo price was USD 13,00.
Now an awesome discount, the price is USD 9,50

The Bundle contains 25 CU packs with Ful size elements, 300 dpi.

The better way to get the most beautiful items for your Father's Day scrapkits & designs.
Items are for men but not ONLY. You can use then in lot of differents themes! I'm sure you will be so happy whit this Bundle 

The price is more than USD 120,00 but you can get it paying only USD 9,50 (for LIMITED TIME)
and it includes the monthly Free with purchase too!!! (You can see it here )

Here I list all the kits in the Bundle:
MixForDesigners 40/55/61/62/64/73/75/90/98

Designer CU Mix 10
Designer CU Mix 17
Designer CU Mix 20

Designer CU Mix 31
Designer CU Mix 39

Designer CU Mix 40

See the previews of the packs included in this Bundle here

You can buy this Bundle HERE 
Please email me to if you wanna receive the links t another email account. Ussually I send the links to your Paypal account.

Thanks for your purchase!

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