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viernes, 16 de junio de 2017

* New Vip Exclusive of the week *

Hello everybody!!
This is the new Vip exclusive of the week 
Join NOW the membership and SAVE USD 5,00 the first month !
VIP CU MEMBERSHIP offer each month:
_Welcome Bundle (only the first month) contains 5 CU exclusive packs + 3 CU packs at your choice from stores.
_All the CU pack I will release in stores (Store's exclusive are EXCLUDED)
_Vip exclusive pack per week (It is not in sale in any store before)
_Samples of Store's Exclusive packs
_Forever Freebies packs (packs that will be availables for free downloads forever)
_Vip Raffle with awesome prizes & the first prize is always a custom CU pack for the winner.
_Special promos & Discounts to purchase in the group
_Special Ads of member's work

And some surprises... the more attentive members 
ALL that for a little price ! Contact me NOW!!

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