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domingo, 4 de marzo de 2018

* Buy my STORE at TKO Scraps store *

You can not miss it!!
You purchase all you see in my store (exclusive's packs too) and 1 month of CU Vip membership is FREE as a gifts included in the deal. So you get all the new releases for store for the next 30 days after the BMS's purchase (usually 8 new packs) and all the packs I release in the Vip (they are exclusives and you can not buy them in any my stores) and all the (55 current) FREEBIES posted in the Vip group!! 
You can see al the freebies in this post 
(And if you want to renew the membership you will receive the 10 Welcome pack).
You can leave the Vip at any time.

It's a very GREAT offer!!

Take a look here

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