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miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018

* Raffle time *

Hello everybody!!

RAFFLE TIME in my personal store 
From today (May 9th) until June 5th, all the purchases you made in my Sellfy store of at least 4 USD will enter in a Raffle I will do on June 10th.
Prizes will be:
1st place: 2 months in the Vip CU membership (so you will get all the packs in the Vip group + exclusives + new releases in stores, all as a Vip member, Welcome Bundle excluded)
2nd place: 1 month in the Vip CU membership (you get the same of the first place but only for 1 month)
3rd place: 10 CU packs at your choice from my store
4th place: 5 CU packs at choice from my store
All who place a purchase of any amount will receive a little gift (and of course the monthly free with purchase as usual)

IMPORTANT!! To enter the raffle, please contact me using the CONTACT button in my store and give me your real name (on Facebook) and designer's name to be sure I give away the prizes to the right person and can announce here the winner's list without make public your email's address. Thank you so much!!

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